Friday, December 31, 2010

Expect Some Shrinking in My Next Animation

I've just finished up the recording for my next animation, which means I'll start animating the stuff likely next year: you know, as in tomorrow's next year. Though it might not be till either Sunday or Monday as I have some voice over stuff to do today and, likely, tomorrow.

As the title says, there will be some shrinking involved with this animation: not as in some weird fetish that I'm sure is out there. I'm unsure if it'll be as funny as the others, it does have funny moments, but it might involve the most amount of stuff... maybe. Plus, I show off my voice acting even more by adding a new voice to the cast of... three voices.

As well as that, I show a nice little voice altering trick that I can do on Adobe Audition. Okay, it's not really a trick, as I'm sure several users know how to do what I did, but it defiantly helps the animation and is better then just having a normal voice and then a high and squeaky one.

Now, some of you might be wondering about the series thing. I'm thinking about doing it and I was writing to have the trailer up instead of this animation, but one thing stopped me. That is, I didn't have the GoBucks to add on stuff for the character, so I had to reuse some of my old characters.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing either, because I'm sure this animation will be quicker to do then that trailer.

Anyways, expecting the animation within a week if things go well. The only thing that should delay it is laziness, getting busy with some work, or something involving interactions with people causes me to be behind schedule.

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