Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Change in Name and Purpose

This is something I've been thinking of for a bit. This blog hasn't been betting updated as it should. Mainly, this came from the fact that it was focused only on indie games, but as I'm finding myself having issues writing posts about indie games and any posts I do start end up being just rehashed stuff I posted over on Gamerz Station.

As I started doing some animations over at GoAnimate and thought it might be good to have a blog to give updates on those animations, little commentaries, and some other stuff about animating there. Obviously I have twitter and I try to give some updates on that, but a blog can work out better for it than a tweet.

Though just focusing on animations really isn't the best of plans; especially if I have writer's block or something like that. So, as well as my animations, I will probably be occasionally talking about my voice acting or comics, but, in between those or alongside those will likely be stuff involving the gaming (indie and mainstream) world: be it news, videos, etc. I may also add some animations that i like as well... whatever I really feel like.

So if you were following me prior to this, all three of you, I should be able to update this more often now.

If there are any new readers out there... welcome and enjoy. Here's a Portal speedrun by someone and it only takes him about ten minutes. Yes, he uses glitches to get there quickly, but it's what certain speedruns are all about. Also... the cake ISN'T a lie.

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