Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spike's Video Game Awards: Night of Many (Teaser) Trailers

Last night was Spike's Video Game Awards and, if you are like me, you really didn't watch it. I have an excuse though... my satellite was out till early this morning. Luckily enough, there are places online to watch and find out all the interesting things that were revealed last night.

Mainly, there were a lot of teaser trailers shown: as in they may tell you something about the game's story, what to expect, or even that the game is being made, but these trailers only have cinematics and lack gameplay. Granted, not all trailers were that way, but a lot of them were.

Enough with the talking though, let's show off the trailers.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Everyone was expecting the next game by Bethesda to be a new one in the Elder Scrolls and it appears they were correct: guessing they would start a new IP seemed out of thought. It's slated to come out on November 11th, next year.

Mass Effect 3
I was excited to see this, though I would have loved to see some gameplay. It was revealed prior, by accident on EA's store, to this teaser that ME3 would be about Earth. It appears the Reapers have arrived on Earth (somehow unnoticed by everyone) and it's up to Sheppard to save the day. Expect it holiday of next year.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Drake is, yet again, in a sticky situation. It's no train hanging from a cliff, but being in a desert with only sand to see isn't good either. Naughty Dog says the trailer was made entirely from the in-game engine. Expect to see it on November 1st.

SSX: Deadly Descents
Never really been a fan of the SSX series: then again, not into a lot of those style of games. No release date and no gameplay.

Resistance 3
This is what I like to see. Some gameplay mixed with nongameplay. Why can't more trailers be like this, minus the live-action actors. Coming out next year on September 6th.

Guillermo del Toro teams up with THQ and Volition Inc. to create a trailer that says nothing. Well, it's suppose to be scary, we can figure that out, but nothing about the game. This is the type of trailer I hate. Also, it's coming out in 2013... so that's a ways away.

Prototype 2
I couldn't get into the first one, then again, I only played it for two days. The second one appears to be a little of the same ol' thing, but with a different character playable. It's coming in 2012.

Batman: Arkham City
There's been a few teasers for this game, but the previous ones seemed to indicate that Joker would still be the main antagonist, but it appears Dr. Hugo Strange will be it instead... and he knows Batman's secret. Expect to lay your hands on it in the fall of next year.

Forza Motorsport 4
No, that wasn't a trailer for Nascar, but it was for a game. You could clearly see it was a game and not a live-action trailer throughout most of the game... till you go to the end of the trailer where it shows a virtual car being opened, just like at Microsoft's E3 showcase of the Kinect.

Portal 2
We've seen several trailers for Portal 2. Some have gameplay, some don't. This one appears, as someone said over at Kotaku, like a Pixar film. Also, that means no new gameplay. For those that don't know, it will be out this coming April 18th.

Thor: God of Thunder (the game)
Not really excited about this, but it was the one that seemed to show the most gameplay. Coming on May 3rd.

That's all of them. Now you just gotta wait till E3 to actually see any of these games in action.

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