Monday, December 13, 2010

Animation: It's a Saw Christmas

It's Christmas time and someone isn't in the giving mood. It appears someone needs to learn a lesson and the teacher is someone you would least suspect... or maybe not as the title gives it away.

P.S. It's not a stripper or a ho ho ho (as in a whore.)

There seems to be some issues with the GoAnimate site, so the animation may not work.

Behind the scene info below (Spoilers):

  • The start of the animation where my character is waking up, that scene was originally planned to be right-side up. Because...
  • Originally my character was to be restrained in a chair. Not by ropes, but metal clamps around his wrists. That was scrapped because I couldn't draw those clamps and because I don't quite like the sitting in chairs for Lil' Peepz.
  • In the panning shot and some of the wide shots of my room, you'll notice a companion cube on my shelf. I drew it on Stripgenerator, which is where I was told about GoAnimate. Also, over there, my character has an obsession with it.
  • The line, "MY ROOM?! How did I get here?" was originally suppose to be "MY HOUSE?! How did I get here?" I just accidentally said room and didn't feel like redoing the line.
  • Originally the location was suppose to be the living room, as seen in my first animation, but it obviously had to be moved when I said "MY ROOM?!" instead of "MY HOUSE?!"
  • Jigsaw's voice went through several different versions. I'm an awful impersonator, but any time I got close to being similar to Jigsaw's voice, I couldn't keep it up. I just decided to go with a voice that I could easily do over and over again, as well as being deep.
  • Jigsaw's speaking and eye movement consists of five images.
  • Making Jigsaw speak, at least have the illusion, hearkens back to when I made animations with sprites: only one being finished. I lacked drawing skills, so I had to use sprites.
  • Instead of it being called "Street Fighter: GoAnimate Edition", originally it was going to be "Super Street Fighter 2.5".
  • The joke about Street Fighter on the line "I want to play a game." was where the idea for a Saw parody came from. Making it Christmas related was an obvious extension because of the holiday.
  • I am quite horrible at the Street Fighter games. Cammy is the character I suck the least with.
  • The addition of the SNES controller and having it explode was the last things to be added. I felt there was a need to show my character with a controller (SNES) and having it explode is just usual shenanigans.
  • The nerd was actually planned to be in the previous animation, but, as it had to be under two minutes, I had to cut his part. He was more or less going to be complaining about my Master Chief voice and how Halo isn't an RPG.
  • It is true I haven't given any Christmas gifts these last few years, but it is simply because I'm a student (college) and no one will hire me for a part-time job: so the only money I got is from scholarships and that often disappears quickly.
  • Saw mistakes the ugly woman in my first animation as my nonexistant girlfriend.
  • Indeed... I am single... ladies. Yeah, that's creepy.
  • For those that don't know, Master Chef appeared in the animation prior to this one.
  • Master Chef is actually suppose to be teaching people how to make Gingerbread Houses while driving a Hornet, but I couldn't find it in the catalog: perhaps because I started with a Street Fighter theme. So I had to change it to tank.
  • First animation with my name credited as Stephen "SnakeYukin" Lindsey... which is how I'm credited in nearly everything else I do.

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