Friday, December 24, 2010

No "New" Christmas Animation & An Animation Series?

I had plans for a while to do another Christmas animation... more or less it was just prior to finishing up It's a Saw Christmas. Unfortunately, right before I was thinking of starting to write a script for my next animation (as well as auditioning for some productions) I got that email about the audiobooks: which have kept me busy. Obviously, I'm not complaining about the time and placement, as I needed the upfront payments for some stuff, but it quickly became something that took more time then I thought.

Now, I was beginning to work on a script... in fact, I have the beginning of it written down. It was going to start off as a parody of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and then it would turn into a parody of "The Grinch" including that oh so catchy song. The plan was, "Hey, I'll finish this script in one night somehow. Then I'll record everything the following day. Finally, after two to three days, it'll be up for everyone to enjoy."

Welp, that quickly didn't work out. I think the attempts at rhyming did it in for me. "What rhymes with this and makes sense?"

Now about this animation series... it's not a 100% sure thing right now. The more I think about it, the more and more that I do want to do it. The reason I'm not sure as this series came from a trailer that I was just going to throw out there.

This trailer was initially planned to be fake, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought I could make it into a series, but there are two problems. First, I have issues with finishing series over on Strip Generator also books/stories I start: an animation takes more time and effort then those two.

Second, I'll have to get a female voice actor and, from my experience, I have issues with keeping people onboard for projects. I've had a few productions that needed voice actors and several people either a.) don't ever turn in their lines or b.) they send in poor quality audio. I could easily replace them, but it soon becomes a hassle and I give up on it.

On the other hand though, relying on just one single voice actor won't be so bad. If she doesn't do her lines, recasting will be less of a hassle. The only issue is that the series might end up requiring other voice actors for side-characters and that'll circle back to my original issue, but that's down the road if I do make it a series.

Anyways, back to the actual animation. The whole idea came from both real-life and a, sorta, persona I have created online. I'm single and have issues with women (well, maybe they have issues with me) and I have always made it a joke that they have a violent tendency towards me: trying to kill me, stabbing me, beating me up, etc.

I began to think about that a little more and how several people over on GoAnimate were wanting anime themes. Now, I'm a fan of anime and some of my favorite ones that I've liked watching over and over were some of the wackier, crazier ones: as well as some of those games with anime influences. Somehow, something clicked with that persona deal and having some anime influences in it.

I can't really explain it... mainly as I'm still working out and fleshing out stuff. So I don't want to say "Well this is what the animation will be about!" and then there's a lot of differences. If there's just a few differences, it's defiantly not a biggie.

All I can say is that there'll be romance (or lack thereof), comedy, action, and maybe some other genres: heck, let's just say them all.

Oh, and before I forget... Happy Christmas, belated Hanuka, and belated/early to those other holidays.


  1. Hey Snake,

    Hope the job you worked on ended up going great. Cool to hear about your new possible series! Hope it will happen. Not so many lady voice actors on GoAnimate... but maybe you can find some help there for the series. There's been quite a few projects that worked well thru cooperation on the site.



  2. Well Nicolas,

    I actually have a few sites were I could find some female voice actors. Well, I know where they are, but I don't know if they'll audition. That's always the issue, trying to get people to audition. I would put up something over at GoA, but it wouldn't be the only place.

  3. Hey Snake Good luck with your new job.Your possible series are cool too!Sorry if my words bad.

    Manga And Anime Lover