Saturday, January 22, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Trailer Finally Revealed to Public

If you are into gaming like me, then you probably know that at PAX last September, Duke Nukem Forever was revealed to be coming out. Yes, all of us thought this was a game that would never be released and the several screens shown over the years didn't look that good. It was even a joke for the longest... like the Phantom.

Though the trailer was shown for the game last September, it wasn't revealed to anyone outside of those that saw it... but no longer. Here is the trailer... with pixelated boobs and ass:

While I wasn't all that excited about the game initially, seeing the trailer does help to boost my belief in the game. It doesn't just seem to be the plain brown screens that I was seeing for awhile. Plus, the team behind it was behind the Half-Life expansions, Brother in Arms, and Borderlands

Let's just hope it can be good... I mean, it's taken 12 freakin' years.

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